About Project


What is it about?

It is necessary to execute hydro-technical and dredger works on all critical points down the Danube river flow in Serbia. Hydro-technical works consist of:

  • non-rooted groins
  • four ties
  • three chevrons 

The dredge works will be executed in 5 critical sectors. Upon completion of these works, the conditions for sailing will be harmonized with the national policy, the recommendations of the Danube Commission and the development plans of the European Union in the area of traffic systems.

The services of ACCIONA Ingenieria S.A. which is implementing this program include:

  • supervision and control of the works
  • ecological monitoring.

  • Environment
  • Transport
EuropeAid reference
  • Supervision
  • Environmental Monitoring
City / District
Novi Sad, Serbia
EU Contribution
1,705,300 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 21 - Trans-European networks
Implementation period
August 2017 - August 2020
Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
Implemented by
ACCIONA Ingenieria S.A.